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DesignMap is a full service consultancy that specializes in making enterprise software more useful, usable, and valuable.

We are 45 design-centered people
We are based in San Francisco, California
We've been in business for over 10 years

Design that matters.

There’s a reason we say that. The projects we focus on are tools used by people every day, sometimes all day. Removing the frustration that most enterprise software brings along with it allows people to focus on solving problems effectively and quickly, instead of wrestling with inefficient design. Sometimes, the work we do removes an entire layer of bureaucracy from accomplishing the work to be done.

The average person spends a minimum of 90,000 hours at work in his/her lifetime. During that time, the tools they use in their day to day matter to their productivity and well-being.

People also spend a lot of time on multiple devices to shop, stay abreast of news, get around, learn, manage finances and health, care for their family and pets, and the list goes on.

They expect software, no matter what the context — work or personal — to provide a great experience. We believe it matters to help companies build products that make our ‘everyday’ better and easier.

“Thanks to DesignMap’s efforts in researching our user base to help create a rich developer experience, our first day account registrations saw a 50x increase.”

Scott Johnson, COO, Docker, Inc.

Designers you can trust.

We are design-centered people: from researchers, interaction and visual designers to front-end engineers. Many of us spent years as internal designers at some of the best known internet companies in the world and know what it takes to get something out in the world. 

At DesignMap, we are all eager learners who are pushing to become better at we do. We think it’s what attracts people here to a career in user experience design. To support that we actively engage and train our designers to stay up on the latest processes, product management techniques and tools to make our projects run as effectively as possible. This doesn’t apply only internally but we also work with clients to level up their knowledge too.

We’ve gone so far as to make design coaching a core part of how we approach our career development. 

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