Another Client in the News

November 17, 2008 by Audrey Crane

We’re excited to share news about another client, Birdpost. They have a lovely site that helps people learn about birds, track the birds they’ve seen, and the birds they’re likely to see locally. It’s a mashup of satellite maps, social networking, and Wikipedia, put together in a well-designed (if we say so ourselves, having provided extensive logo design and polish, wireframe refinement, and the bulk of the visual design work) and nicely put together web-based application. As clients, we found that Birdpost was entirely dedicated to perfection, and had similar expectations of us as well. Their high standards paid off.

They got a nice little mention in the LA Times:

“Even though is a niche Web site, it doesn’t feel like a clique. Even bird nonenthusiasts can participate.”

And they’ve had several great mentions in TechCrunch, from their presentation at the TechCrunch50 Conference:

“The founders of Birdpost wowed the TechCrunch50 audience by presenting not only a very well-designed site but one that thoroughly addressed a real problem for certain people, that of locating rare birds.”

…and their initial pick as one of TechCrunch 50 Finalists:

“Birdpost is poised to lead a burgeoning “citizen science” movement as a usable, innovative, and potent framework aimed at connecting nature and people in ways never before possible.”

CNET editor Rafe Needleman even chose them as his TechCrunch 50: Ten to watch.

Congratulations to Birdpost on the well-deserved recognition!