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At the Lab: Concept Test Day!

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Fleischman's Usability Lab
Fleischman's Usability Lab

A quick post as I’m experiencing the gamut of emotions watching our design being used by real users. Overall its a delight to see your design in action and hearing user’s feedback – not always do we get to execute a design to a high fidelity… so much of what we do is the design of user experience systems that get implemented over months or even years of development effort.

These concept tests (and usability tests) allow us and our client to simulate a future reality and observe real users interact with our design… as predicted, and sometimes not as predicted. A painful process, but often where the real value is. This not only helps future iterations of the product, but also how we approach design for other products, a sort of “pay it forward” experience. On a personal note, it helps me regain a better perspective – our user’s perspective. It is easy to deeply care about your design, it is also easy to obscure the end goal of deeply caring about your users.

We’re testing at Fleischman’s Field Research facility in downtown San Francisco. It is a top-notch lab, as is the interviewer, Beth Leber from Eureka Insights – her patience and objectivity is a study of professionalism in this industry. I wish I could publish the topic of the concept we are testing, but many of you may use it sometime in the near future!


Nathan Kendrick

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