Congratulations MetaCX

DesignMap is celebrating our friend Scott McCorkle’s announcement of $14 million in investment for his new company, MetaCX. You can read the announcement here and visit the company’s website here.

MetaCX is about helping SaaS vendors maintain an ongoing connection to their customers, enabling them to transparently collaborate. It’s a win-win for both sides; SaaS vendors gain insight into their customer’s needs, and customers ensure investments meet business objectives.

It’s an exciting concept for designers because maintaining a finger on the pulse of the customer is the only real way to ensure a product continues to remain usable and useful. The market is uncertain, and needs can change in unpredictable ways.

This is the basic principle behind a non-incremental product development process, which will leap ahead of the digital transformation landscape. We believe that UX designers are heroes of uncertainty, bringing experience, improvisation, artistry, and research to improve the usefulness and usability of a product.

Scott knows the power of design well. DesignMap worked extensively with Scott’s team when he was CEO of Salesforce Marketing Cloud, which was consistently praised by experts and customers for its power and usability. The results speak for themselves: ongoing investment in customer engagement and adaptive design resulted in a 40% year-on-year growth for the company.

Salesforce Marketing Cloud isn’t unique. Return on design investment is measurable and dramatic. A recent McKinsey survey found that companies with a strong commitment to design performed significantly better than their counterparts, with 32 percentage points higher revenue growth and 56 percentage points higher total return over five years. The results held true across industries, but only for companies with the most dedication to design — that is, the market disproportionately rewarded companies that truly stood out from the crowd.

By helping SaaS vendors maintain a rich and nuanced understanding of their customers, MetaCX helps keep them in the ranks of those that truly stand out. We can’t wait to unveil our design work for a transformative product and platform early next year. Please join us in congratulating the co-founders Scott, Dave Duke, and Jake Miller plus the entire MetaCX team!