Working at DesignMap

Starting a new job feels like embarking on a new and exciting adventure. And what I enjoy the most is the fresh perspective of how the people and rhythms work, the patterns that emerge, the discovery of what it’s like to work in a new role.

‍The office is located in the Mission Creek area of SF (at least that is what the realtors call it).

DesignMap’s location and office space are lovely. Nestled in a vibrant part of the Mission, there are great coffee spots and food options close by. The staff often takes advantage of this: it’s common for everyone to venture out for lunch together regularly. The office building is a restored brick building, with high ceilings and lots of space. It’s been organized well to support a creative culture.

‍Work-life balance, it’s not just a cliché at DesignMap. They truly strive for a balance.

The people at DesignMap are simply wonderful. Everyone has a unique background and skill set to contribute, but there are some common characteristics shared by all. I would describe the typical DesignMap employee as intelligent, down to earth, and generous.

‍Monday Talks and Friday Studio Meetings are good book ends to a productive week.

The culture is strong and established. The leadership puts a lot of attention into fostering mentorship and learning. Between weekly studio meetings with a 'show and tell' component, and the structure of project work, cross learning is highly prioritized. But it’s difficult to pin that down, it feels truly organic.

Studio meetings are important and the layout of the office is flexible to incorporate both project work and meetings.

There is a real appreciation and practice of work / life balance -- people’s time is well respected. This balance is implemented at work too, authentic effort goes into hosting weekly happy hours and fun get togethers. They are aware of the social and professional dynamic of everyone individually, and how that contributes to the larger group and culture.

The feedback loop for learning and teaching.
"They are aware of the social and professional dynamic of everyone individually, and how that contributes to the larger group and culture."
‍Teams are usually small and utilizing everyone’s strengths.

About the work, the office is quiet, people here care about what they do. The emphasis is on quality, and always towards designing the best design solution. Project teams are well organized with obvious intention, aimed at benefiting people at both the individual and group levels, but always keeping the project work and client in mind.

‍Quality in every detail is a core value.

So far, my work experience at DesignMap has been engaging, a bit humbling, fun and very rich. Upon this reflection, I’m looking forward to a pleasant journey ahead.

Veronica Martini
Product Designer