Senior Visual Designer

February 10, 2015 by Christopher Hoover

The design system for this client, is undergoing a full refresh, and will need to with each application’s interaction needs. The role will strike the balance between executing existing patterns, and applying the UI design language to new functionality. The suite of applications are in various phases and distributed amongst many teams in a very large development group.

This person will work in Photoshop, translating detailed wireframes into pixel perfect mockups for direct use by front-end engineers. Our typical wireframes involve very complex use cases, the design challenge is helping the user readily understand the interaction through a highly refined visual user interface.

Soft Skills

DesignMap is an expert user experience design consultancy. We have a high standard for design as a service, and our staff reflects this in soft skills.

  • Positive, personable, team player. We want this person to be happy to work with us and us with them.
  • Proactive: Ask the right questions at the right time, a delicate balancing act.
  • Defining Solutions not Problems: We pride ourselves on “doing the legwork”: where we focus on getting the right result and doing the right thing on behalf of the client.
Hard Skills
  • Expert level of skill in Photoshop, focused on visual user interface.
  • Ability to work closely with interaction designers, understand the complex functionality detailed out in the wireframes.
  • Has experience working within a well established design system.
  • Eye for detail and consistency.
  • Excellent time management skills.
  • 4+ years experience working on web-based applications, focused for the workplace or consumer. E.g.:, Admin and Management Consoles,
Assessment Process

In-person Interview: we’re primarily assessing personality fit: ability to listen to feedback, ask questions, articulate design ideas, and build rapport.

  1. Detailed Deliverable Review: we often request to see source PSD files. (see more below)
  2. Second Round Interview: for more senior designers, we will want to have them speak with several staff members: both for the candidate to understand our studio better, and our staff to get to know them.
  3. One week Trial: if we feel like we haven’t had enough access to source files, or their experience is on the lower side, we will set up a 1 to 2 week paid trial.
Things we are assessing while looking at PSDs are:
  • Layer structure: if folder structure makes sense and easily understandable in the layer panel. Balance of layer organization & file size optimization.
  • Pixel perfection: We’ll zoom in at 300% or 400% to look at the detail such as how the rounded corners are rendered, if shapes are snapped to the pixel, what meant to be 100% opacity is 100% and not 98%, etc.
  • Use of Layer Effects, Masks, Smart Objects, Layer Comps, and other various techniques that are used to create the intended overall effects on mockups.
  • Understanding of how objects and effects drawn in Photoshop, will be translated well into CSS and sprites.