Skip to main content Sales Acceleration Reimagined, headquartered in Silicon Slopes, UT, offers a sales acceleration platform that uses data to help sales reps connect to the most appropriate leads. Their existing product consisted of multiple integrations that were powerful but required reps to log into multiple tools. InsideSales saw an opportunity to consolidate these multiple integrations into a single product where each piece of functionality is thoughtfully woven into the salesperson’s user experience based on need and relevance. They approached DesignMap to help better understand the challenges and goals of sales reps, using that knowledge to turn a multi-tool experience into a unified product.’s existing product in Salesforce

Using research to sketch a better concept

DesignMap started by conducting on-site meetings with more than 30 users across multiple sales roles and company sizes in order to gain an understanding of their goals, processes, and pain points. We walked through the day-to-day workings of various sales teams, observing things like sales reps using three monitors to navigate across multiple tabs while on calls with leads. From our interviews, we developed 7 personas to make sure we accurately represented and accounted for the broad range of sales rep experiences.

On-site user interviews

We narrowed our focus onto one persona named Rob, who occupied a sales development rep role. Our primary goal was to help users like Rob be successful by enabling them do their jobs more efficiently, and to make highly repetitive tasks conducted in a competitive environment feel rewarding.

Sales development rep persona

Using our understanding of Rob, we began identifying areas of opportunity for improving his workflow. Sales reps like Rob need to make anywhere between 50 to 150 calls a day, spending additional time sending follow-up emails and coordinating meetings. We discovered that, to handle this volume, many reps have individualized processes in order to support a workflow of their own choosing. We wanted to make sure that our designs let reps hit their daily sales goals while maintaining autonomy over their own process.

Another design consideration was that sales reps need details on leads, especially right before and during calls, in order to maximize the number of productive conversations. We wanted to shift how they currently handled this (via multiple tabs that are easy to lose track of) to displaying pertinent information on leads in context of the tool they were using.

Initial sketches

Helping sales reps work smarter

For our concepts, we envisioned a product that supports the concept of flow in a sales rep’s workday. Rob needs to contact many leads in the course of a day and cannot afford to have friction in the tools he is using. The content and layout of our designs for Superhero work together in service of optimizing his work flow. uses data science to intelligently prioritize leads to reach out to, allowing sales reps to spend less time organizing their day and more time actually connecting with people. This feature, called Neuralytics, is deeply integrated into the design of Superhero to ensure that Rob trusts the system to surface the most promising leads.

Example of Neuralytics

Unveiling the future of sales to customers unveiled a prototype of Superhero at Accelerate ’16, their annual conference in Park City, Utah. It encapsulated their vision of a product that empowers reps to make meaningful connections with sales leads quickly and effectively. A version of the designs, called Predictive Playbooks, won Best AI App from Alconics. DesignMap was able to help pair their state-of-the art technology with a user experience to match, increasing their adoption with companies who want to drive business metrics and growth.

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