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Cisco: Our Work with Emerging Technology Groups

November 8, 2012 by Admin

The Context

Cisco’s Emerging Technology Groups (ETG) are run by some of their most experienced and talented employees, who ask the question “Where is Cisco going?” and turns the answers into real products. Cisco’s investment into the ETGs, the talent they’ve placed there, and the company’s unique ability to control the whole experience create some of today’s most groundbreaking products, such as TelePresence.

The Outcome

We’ve had the opportunity to work with many Cisco ETG initiatives, including TelePresence, Physical Security, Network Solutions, Integrated Commerce Workspace, and Digital Media, a digital signage and video solution.

Over the years, we’re the most proud of bringing a consumer-level of usability, look and feel, simplicity and intuitiveness, to enterprise level power applications. This is an ongoing theme for our work: crafting experiences for mission critical contexts, that are powerful and simple for those that use them day in and day out.

Cisco ETG - Storyboard
Storyboards helped the team think through the product in an easy-to-understand, detailed way. They also served as a proof-of-concept for the project as a whole, and validated with key customers.
Cisco ETG - User Flow
With these user flows, the team was able to flesh out and agree on big concepts and key use cases.
Detailed wireframes were particularly necessary to work through and document the interactions of this desktop application’s multiple states.
We delivered visual design directions and specifications as well as front-end development work that Cisco’s engineers could “plug in” to their back-end systems.