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Congratulations to ShiftLeft team – out of stealth mode is a huge step forward

October 16, 2017 by Audrey Crane

We are thrilled to see our client, ShiftLeft, officially out of stealth mode! We’ve been fortunate to work with the ShiftLeft team over the course of six months and witness the evolution of their security solution from the idea and a few sketches that they brought to our studio for our first meeting to a functional product that the market has been waiting for.

ShiftLeft allows developers and cyber security teams to protect their applications as early as build time by analyzing the source code and dependencies. The shift from reactive to proactive security approach is what makes ShiftLeft’s solution disruptive and as a design challenge – particularly interesting.

It is truly exciting for us to see the fruits of the hard work that the ShiftLeft team invested in their product – from quickly emerging out of stealth mode to successfully securing VC funding from Mayfield Fund and BainCapital Ventures. Furthermore, as a UX design studio we’ve been consistently impressed by ShiftLeft’s full commitment to open and hands-on collaboration with designers to create the best possible product experience for their customers.

We’re looking forward to seeing what’s next for ShiftLeft in this new chapter.