Why choose DesignMap?

We work together to understand people, harness complexity, challenge assumptions, and re-imagine opportunities, while relentlessly striving for excellence.

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We are a company of exceptional designers who discover, unlock, and shape the hidden potential of digital products and platforms for ambitious enterprises. We work hard to maintain our reputation for excellence.

Strategic Insight

We don't build designs to fit feature sets or product strategy, we build designs to fit the needs of the users. We pay attention to what users do, as well as what they say. This work informs, and sometimes transforms, product strategy.


Our clients benefit from our 13+ years experience researching and understanding the needs of users across many industries, including marketing technology, finance, DevOps, and healthcare.

World Class

DesignMap are a multidisciplinary team with extensive experience, a proven track record, and an unmatched work ethic. Our award winning designs solve problems the user truly cares about; they make interactions feel simple, relevant and even magical.

We add value quickly

We provide a variety of flexible engagement types from 1-day workshops, 2-week design sprints, 3–6 month projects, to ongoing multi-year design retainers. We’ll work with you to decide the engagement type and length that will work best for your needs.

We start by listening

We begin by ensuring we deeply understand your needs. Together, we uncover key insights and gain a shared idea of the problem, the goal, and the solution.