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Rich Mironov: CEO of Mironov Consulting
Making Hard (Strategic) Decisions about Products / Portfolios

Software executives and software product managers should focus first on putting the right products into their portfolios – since the primary drivers of market success are identifying the right markets, segments and customer problems to solve.

LeanUX and Lean Startup concepts help us especially with single product companies and feature-level ranking. Agile/scrum helps us get more out of our scarce development capacity. How do we bring these up to the next level, to build balanced product plans and make hard choices between products? A lot of folks think we can “outsource” our strategy and portfolio work to spreadsheets, or customer crowdsourcing, or bottom-up team process. We’ll look at why that’s unlikely to work well, and some top-meets-bottom approaches for successful whole products.

Rich Mironov is CEO of Mironov Consulting, where he coaches product executives, product management teams and agile/lean development organizations. Rich has been the “product guy” at six Silicon Valley start-ups and relentlessly blogging/speaking/teaching/mentoring on revenue software strategy for more than two decades. He wrote “The Art of Product Management” and pays it forward at

Kristoffer Lawson: Founder and CEO of Solu
When a software guy does hardware

Creating hardware has become easier than ever before with platforms such as Kickstarter and Indiegogo, and a wealth of manufacturing opportunities in Asia. Many new companies have ventured down that path, but what are some of the realities that would have helped Solu if they had been known earlier?

Kristoffer Lawson is founder and CEO of Solu — a highly ambitious new stealth company based in Helsinki, Finland. Previously he was one of the founders of European bank disruptor, Holvi. He has been an entrepreneur since the late 90s and is also founder of the largest digital art festival in the Nordics, The Alternative Party. He has coached startups all round the world and been a public speaker on a variety of topics. He started coding since he was 7 and has long been active in the demoscene hacker community. Kristoffer enjoys Doctor Who, listens to a lot of electronic music, and drives a Caterham 7.


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