Come learn the provocative "how-to's" for Design Thinking by learning the "9 Ways to Manipulate People with Design"  with our visiting speaker Alina Senderzon from ZURB!

9 Ways to Manipulate People With Design.

High user engagement is paramount to anyone in design. Tapping into the psychology of what drives someone to click is key to this high engagement. Every interface is a potential study in human behavior. Knowing which emotional and cognitive strings to pull, designers can have a lot of influence over how people interact with online products. This talk will highlight 9 psychological motivators that will drive user engagement and make your next product awesome.

Speaker: Alina Senderzon heads up ZURB’s Design Team. As Design Principal, she helps shape the work of her fellow designers. Her greatest design strength: designing balanced, structured layouts. But developing creative concepts is what really makes her tick. She loves approaching problems from unexpected angles, pushing clients to see a solution beyond what they’d originally imagined.

The agenda for the night is:

6:30 – check-in, pizza, wine, & networking

7:15 – speaker presentation

8:00 – program end and closing announcements