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Health 2.0 and Lightning Sprint Recap

October 5, 2017 by Audrey Crane

We’re just back from the 2017 Health 2.0 Conference, which always has some cool stuff on the exhibit hall floor, and an impressive array of speakers and topics (this year, 100 speakers, 150+ live demos, and 10 brand new company launches).

In particular, I loved The Unacceptables session, in their words, “…roadblocks that exist within health care and the world of digital health innovation that we can not, and should not, tolerate. Things we can change with some effort and ingenuity.” Hosted by Indu Subaiya, we heard from ten people about what their companies are doing to impact things around the edges of mainstream health care. CareMore Health is addressing loneliness in seniors, Skyler Place talked about leveraging relatively simple, everyday technology (with some powerful “deep learning” driving it) to help support the mental health and prevent suicide in veterans. And Jess Ladd of Callisto completely blew my mind with her stats about sexual assault on campuses, and Callisto’s brilliant solution to address it (reminding us in some ways of our friends at Gun by Gun, looking at ways they can support and augment government and other regulatory and enforcement mechanisms). Jess is incredibly charismatic, in every way. So of course she has a TED talk.

In the midst of all that, we took a second whack at our Lightning Sprint, compressing GV’s already aggressive week-long Sprint process into 2 hours. This was different from our first time, because we gave ourselves only 5 hours from the time the workshop was finished until we had a finished prototype, share-able with users, to show to everyone at the conference. No pressure. 

A quick video below of the workshop process and output. If you have any questions, or would like our help running a design or discovery sprint for you, or want a workshop at your conference, just holler!