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Making UXD Part of Your Company’s DNA

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We hosted a Lean UX SF meetup at our studio last Thursday. The 60 or so of us Lean UX lovers gathered to hear Nathan Kendrick, Co-founder and partner of DesignMap, talk about his current thinking around how to better incorporate UX Design into a company’s DNA.

We often have companies (startups and large enterprises alike) talking to us about doing just that. One common mistake we see people making is that they put most of their energy into slotting someone into a role and not enough into incrementally changing the way they work to include UX design. Nate’s Playbook Version 1 is an attempt to offer a tool for just that.

After years of trying to bring design thinking into organizations both as an internal UX Designer and as a consultant, I learned that going back to square one is not the only way to do it. There are a lot of situations where starting with exploratory research doesn’t make sense whether it’s budgetary, resource or other reasons. At DesignMap I’m learning how to approach every project like bespoke tailors yet keeping with the same fundamental values so no matter which square we’re starting from we can offer value. What I love about the Playbook is that it’s project focused and it provides a framework for incorporating UX Design philosophies into a project in a way that is pragmatic.¬†

At the workshop we discussed ways of using the Playbook and showed examples of how we are using it at DesignMap in the middle and end of projects to course correct or as retrospective. It’s work in progress so download it, use it and improve it!

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