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Nielsen Norman Group Award

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On August 12, 2008, the Nielsen Norman Group, one of the world’s leading design consultancies and advocates, published their 10 Best Application UIs of 2008. This was an international competition that included both desktop and web-based applications. We are tickled pink to have a product we worked on, The Magellan Network’s Seating Management product, chosen for a top-10 spot. This was an engagement where we were augmenting the internal design team, working with them on an as-needed basis. Early in the project, we talked with them about design strategies. Later on, we came in to help solve complex interaction design questions or to respond to solutions they’d come up with that they weren’t entirely happy with. Towards the end of the project, we created and refined visual design directions with them.

The wonderful thing about projects like this is that we get to help our clients exactly when and where they most need design support. And with The Magellan Network we also focused on knowledge transfer, so we were helping them in both the short-term and the long-term. And of course we couldn’t be more excited to see it win an award. It’s a fascinating thing to read a case study of your own work. For “why they were chosen,” Neilsen Norman Group writes:

“Magellan’s design philosophy was to use technology to augment rather than replace the knowledge and awareness that a host or maitre d‘ carries in their heads. This is an empowering rather than controlling application of computing power, and as such it is likely to be much better received by its users.”

Not bad. Congratulations Magellan!


Audrey Crane

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