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Pick a problem, we'll help you solve it.

You have a challenge: A particularly tricky screen element or workflow that you need fresh eyes on. Some ideas about questions to use when interviewing designers for your team. Someone to help you craft a detailed question for a usability study without being leading. Or to chat about best practices when integrating user experience design with agile.

We like to hear what kinds of design-related challenges Product Managers, Engineers and other Designers are facing, and we are always happy to spend a few hours putting our heads together over some new, interesting problem.

So we thought we’d put the two together! Fill our a short form to describe your problem. We’ll collect them, pick a few that we’ll work on, and then share the problem and our solution (which we can anonymize if you’d like) in an article. Responses will be kept entirely anonymous, and we’ll treat all submissions as confidential. What’s on your mind?

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Good examples of questions to bring in:

  • Product Specific E.g: Can you give me some suggestions to improve this specific workflow? How can we convey X to our users? Can you look this over and give me general feedback?
  • Organizational How can I hire the right designer for my team? How can I make my current designer more effective?
  • Process Specific How can we integrate user feedback into our process? How do we effectively add design to our Agile dev practice? How can we help our organization understand the value of design?

About DesignMap

DesignMap is a design consultancy that specializes in solving wicked-hard problems presented by enterprise-level software, by providing a consumer-quality user experiences (“consumerization of the enterprise”). DesignMap’s core services are user research, interaction and visual design, as well as front-end development.

Their past client list includes hi-tech enterprises like HP, Cisco, Wells Fargo, Bloomberg, and Aetna. Many of their engagements today focus on SaaS platforms like Salesforce Marketing Cloud, and infrastructure like SignalFx, CloudGenix, and Docker.

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Unfortunately we probably won’t have time for everyone who signs up, but we will notify you if we decide to tackle your question!