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Packaged Services

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In recent news, we’ve heard that cobbler’s business is up. People are getting the shoes they love repaired instead of tossing them and buying new ones, saving some money and some great shoes as well. Similarly, discount retailers sales are up.

We are all trying to do more with what we have given the current economy. We see clients who cannot hire new staff, and who also don’t have the budget to bring us on for an entire project — but of course the work hasn’t stopped. In fact getting things done is even more important. They may have some quarterly budget to spend, but their urgent needs right now are more pressing, and sometimes more piecemeal, than a 3-month or even 6-week project. They cannot stop and redesign an existing product even if it’s desperately in need of improvement; they need to understand how to make their product better starting immediately, and then put those changes in action. Or if they’re planning an entirely new product, it’s absolutely critical that the product, features, design and positioning is spot-on. There isn’t a dollar to waste on a near-miss.

DesignMap has created some new services to try to help people tackle some of these challenges. Our Packaged Services are focused, high-ROI services that increase the effectiveness of the products and resources our customers have today:

Our Product Tuning Services focus on making sure our customers have the best product. We can help ensure it’s right before they start building with:

  • Prototyping, so you can test with users before you build
  • Competitive Analysis, so you know what you’re up against, their strengths, weaknesses, and opportunities in the market

And we make sure that existing products are doing all they can (imagine your existing product doing 10% more for you!) through:

  • Heuristic Reviews, professional assessments of areas for improvement with recommendations
  • Usability Research, testing with users, prioritized issues, and recommendations

Our Subscription Services focus on getting our customers the right external resources to complement their team and address their most pressing issues. Our clients can subscribe for the type of resource they need for an amount of time that suits their particular budget and needs. Then we help with whatever they need most. With a subscription, we can provide a “volume discount”, and also give our clients very flexible help without necessarily being “stuck” on a particular project. Clients can subscribe for one month or several months and get nearly instant access whenever they need it to resources like:

  • Design Directors (strategic help, training, etc.)
  • Professional Designers (interaction and visual design help)
  • Production Designers (production design or working within an existing design specification)

We hope that some of our clients find these services interesting and helpful — and we’d love to hear any thoughts or feedback on what we’ve put together.


Audrey Crane

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