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RISD Alumni in TIME’s “Get Rich Slow”

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The New Internet Start-Up Boom: Get Rich Slow

It’s time to stop whining. The economy might be melting down like a pat of butter on a hot Hummer roof, but for some people — you, maybe? — this could be a very good thing.

Here’s why. At no other time in recent history has it been easier or cheaper to start a new kind of company. Possibly a very profitable company. Let’s call these start-ups LILOs, for “a little in, a lot out.” These are Web-based businesses that cost almost nothing to get off the ground yet can turn into great moneymakers (if you work hard and are patient, but we’ll get to that part of the story).

Living and working in the internet industry of San Francisco, we’ve see this “new” startup style for years now, well before the general economy downturn. But I can’t fault TIME for not being, well, timely.

But, in the article, TIME  did choose to profile two startups founded or co-founded by fellow RISD alumni. Big kudos for that, even though the article misses nearly every reason these “LILO” startups may be successful (how about the advent of cheap server hosting? or that these startups rarely depend on advertising for their business model?).

RISD is not just a school for the arts, it is a school for creativity. I’m a strong believer that creativity will lead us out of the failure of convention, something I hope TIME will one day write about.

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