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Collaboration and Design

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Productive and inspiring collaboration is both a skill and an art. Join us for this hotly anticipated event on collaboration and design at our studio, located in the heart of the Mission District.

We are trilled to join the seriously creative and compelling speaker line-up to talk about the collaboration process in the context of designing and building things. If you want to learn some best practices for collaboration and design as you build your team and your startup please join us.

About The Speakers

Sarah Nelson, Founder at Radically Human. Working with others is one of the most challenging parts of creativity. We need co-conspirators to bring new products, services, and companies into the world – but getting everyone to play nice is one of a leader’s greatest challenges. In this talk, Sarah will discuss the common mistakes she has seen leaders make and show you how to overcome them. At Adaptive Path, Hot Studio, and POP!, Sarah led diverse teams to develop product strategies and digital experiences for clients such as Nike, The Metropolitan Opera, Skype, Vanguard Funds, PayCycle, Zappos, Intel, and The Yerba Buena Center for the Arts. She trains leaders to develop an effective leadership practice, align and engage their teams, and regenerate their own creativity.

Leila Banijamali, Startup Lawyer at Bedrock. Leila will highlight some legal issues to consider when designing new products and collaborating both internally (inside your organization) and externally (outside your organization). Leila has founded several startups in the tech, law, and food spaces and acts as outside general counsel to startups and design firms. She is the organizer of this Meetup and helps people to launch and grow their companies.

Partners and Design Directors from DesignMap share stories from four projects about various types (and levels of success) of collaboration with clients, from deep daily collaboration to sporadic, low-touch collaboration. These stories from the field will provide entertaining and illuminating parables for designers, product managers, and collaborators of all stripes. DesignMap partners with clients to deliver user-centered web and mobile experiences and their clients include Bloomberg, Blue Shield of California, eBay, EMC, ExactTarget, NetApp, Wells Fargo, among others.


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