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Hugo Fiennes from Electric Imp

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DesignMap is hosting the Internet of Things meetup on Thursday, July 25 at 6:30pm sharp!

RSVP here.

We’re excited to have Hugo Fiennes from Electric Imp speaking at our event this Thursday. Electric Imp has recently made news for their collaboration in the Quirky/GE sponsored hardware competition for IoT devices.

Hugo Fiennes is CEO and co-founder of Electric Imp, who have built a complete solution that makes it simple to connect devices to the Internet – from hardware to cloud service.

Starting in the mid-80s, when he built bulletin board software for the first wave of online consumers, he’s been involved in thin client computing, laser tag games, the first in-car MP3 player (then many more Rio MP3 players), and mobile phone software, finishing off the 2000’s by managing the iPhone hardware team through the first four generations of groundbreaking smartphone.

Frustrated with how hard it was to connect his under-cabinet bathroom lighting to the weather forecast, he decided it was time someone made Internet connectivity for devices simple, and founded Electric Imp. Follow Electric Imp on Twitter at @electricimp.


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