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Our award-winning agency delivers elegant solutions to complex problems through a range of capabilities.

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Strategic services

The foundation of a great design is strategic insight based on a deep understanding of users. The research we perform often has profound and unexpected results. For example, our work with Salesforce Marketing Cloud revealed hidden user needs so essential that the product strategy was re-built from the ground up to meet them.

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At DesignMap we put understanding the user – their values, motivations, and challenges – at the forefront of everything we do. We have broad experience in all forms of research, including heuristic evaluations, user observation, user research and testing, and persona development. We’re adept in both qualitative and quantitative research methodologies including stakeholder interviews, user interviews, competitive analysis, surveys, card sorting, tree testing, and more.

Design services

Extending our understanding of users to design that humanizes technical complexity is the heart of our company. We have decades of experience crafting user experiences that change industries and launch companies.

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We use rapid visualization to gain valuable feedback for more iteration. From sketches to wireframes, everyone at DesignMap is able to rapidly ideate, sketch, and progressively add detail to create real user experiences. We are design robust, understandable interaction systems. Once a direction is chosen, we continue the process of research and testing to refine the design and ensure it reflects the user’s needs and behavior. We work closely with the implementation team to ensure they understand the design. We love drawing, and our wireframes are the highest quality, able to effectively communicate every subtle detail.

Development services

DesignMap integrates front end development into a workflow that allows product teams to rapidly test, learn and iterate the product experience, the business model and the value proposition.

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We foster a process of constant collaboration with development teams, (yours, ours, or both) to ensure the design and development process are seamlessly integrated. All aspects of visual design, interactions, edge use cases and error states are defined and screens are annotated for clear communication with developers. DesignMap front end engineers bring our design work to life using the latest technologies for prototyping or production code.


DesignMap leads in-house workshops with companies all over the world, helping teams develop more innovative solutions by combining a user-centered perspective with analytical research.

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Over time, teams can unconsciously develop patterns of thinking. These patterns help them work efficiently in familiar environments but can prevent them from seeing new ways of understanding and solving problems. DesignMap workshops help teams break ingrained perspectives by introducing them to the skills and mindsets of design thinking. Workshops are dynamic and engaging. They help teams better approach complex problems, innovate collaboratively, and create sustainable solutions. Participants learn how to challenge their assumptions and foster a deep empathy for users, which leads to more valuable products and services.

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