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Design Swarm

What am I signing up for? A Design Swarm is a largish group of designers or other skilled brainstormers getting together to focus on a new, challenging problem. Of course, not everyone has access to a large internal group of designers, or the resources to hire an external team to swarm with them. So we’ve set up this “Swarm Form” to help individuals and small teams find other designers willing to get together and take turns brainstorming on one another’s problems. To look for a swarm, fill this form out, and then look at the Google spreadsheet linked to from the confirmation page. Find other designers near you that have already signed up and reach out to them via email to see if they’d like to swarm with you, or if you can join their swarm. Make sure to update Column M with the name or number of your swarm once you’ve found someone.

We’ve provided a boilerplate NDA for you to share with your fellow swarmers. In case you have more questions, or you can email me at

Happy Swarming!