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About TheHeuristics

We recently launched, it is meant to be a complete compilation of heuristics used in the evaluation of the user experience of digital products. Jakob Nielsen is credited with creating the first list of heuristics back in the 1990’s his list can be found on our site here, other notable lists, Ben Shneiderman and Bruce Tognazzini  can also be found on our site.

We wanted to have one central location for all of these great heuristics and organized by major categories such as “flexibility”, “clarity” and “simplicity”. Additionally you can browse by author. Some of the heuristics have additional information associated with them which can be found on the individual detail page.

How to use The Heuristics

There are two major uses for heuristics:

  1. As a list of qualifications used in a score-based review of a site.
  2. A list of categorized statements by industry experts used in a qualitative evaluation of a site.


The former we see as a Heuristic Review. Where on every page, one would ask a set of questions based on a set of proven or broadly accepted heuristics as a review methodology. The goal would then be to rate each question on a 3pt scale and then map each sections score on radar diagram or prioritize them like one might prioritize bugs. There are a lot of great resources on this process an example can be found here.

The latter, in the list above, is how we see The Heuristics within this site being used. The idea is that as UX practitioner, you would review a site and see major issues. You would then make recommendations on those major issues, and use The Heuristics as a way to validate your recommendations. We see this as a faster way to address major issues in a site vs. an exhaustive review of an entire site. It also forces a more rigorous approach as opposed to simply opining, and often points the way towards a solution.

What do you think?

We would love to hear from you, let us know what you think of the site, is it useful? Are their any additional heuristics that you can suggest?

Design Director

Jason Frasier

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