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The landscape of products made for marketers has exploded in recent years. To compete, it requires a deep knowledge of marketer’s needs and struggles, and a focus on designing a product that helps a marketer accomplish their goals efficiently.

We’ve worked with many clients in the Marketing space over the years. The largest of which, ExactTarget, was acquired by Salesforce to become their Marketing Cloud in 2013. Through all of our work, nothing seems to stay the same for long, requiring frequent innovation.

Some recent clients in the marketing space

Things We’ve Learned

We’ve worked with great product managers and visionaries in the marketing landscape who have shared with us their insights into how marketers approach their work. In addition, we’ve had the opportunity to interview dozens of marketers across a large spectrum of marketing teams to hear directly what their pain points are, how they plan, execute and analyze their marketing efforts, and how tools can make a significant difference in the success of those campaigns

A model of the lifecycle of the marketing process. Almost no matter what scale of organization, these steps are being taken with or without software.
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