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Wells Fargo: Developing a User-Centered Design Strategy

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The Challenge

Wells Fargo engaged us to co-develop a strategy for achieving a best-in-class online banking experience with user-centered design (UCD). We worked closely with the deeply experienced design team, extending an existing UCD process, evangelized the revised process to a key executives in a traditional change-resistent industry, and piloted and proved its effectiveness on key initiatives.

Our Answer

Our approach identified user-centered tools utilized by many disciplines, integration points across teams, and a soup-to-nuts design process for the unique environment of Wells Fargo’s entire online division – servicing 10’s of millions of customers. Key aspects included analyzing and modeling qualitative and quantitative customer data inputs, developing Wells Fargo-specific methods that yielded tangible design innovation, and a successful program for communicating the UCD process to the entire multi-disciplinary division.

Wells Fargo highlighted some of our unique strengths by partnering closely with their internal design team, and championing the perspective of the end-user inside a traditional enterprise company.

We extended Wells Fargo Bank’s UCD program to include these in-depth presentations and diagrams of the program’s tools and methods.
Building on previous work, we extended these task maps to include a user’s entire “financial life.” We overlaid the maps with site traffic data and connected user-centric tasks with business-centric metrics.
We created maps and models to tease out key issues, provide rigorous documentation and work through difficult problems as a team. These sample documents were developed during the UCD process.


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