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For more than a decade, DesignMap has worked with clients in a broad spectrum of demanding and complex industries.

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Design that transforms the workplace

We specialize in designing beautiful, elegant and intuitive user experiences for enterprise software. This means more than creating a pretty interface. Enterprise software often presents unique complexity and security challenges unseen in consumer-oriented products.

Taming complexity is the common thread in our work. We have broad experience across many industry verticals, and particular experience with in DevOps/ITMarketingFinancial Services, and Healthcare.

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DevOps and IT

To design technical products you must understand both the needs of the engineer as well as the larger system in which the product fits. This is particularly true as DevOps becomes mainstream, with products working together in a complex network to unify previously siloed processes and enable continuous delivery.

After a decade in Silicon Valley, we deeply understand engineers’ needs. We have designed solutions across a broad technical ecosystem and see opportunities for engagement and improvement where others become overwhelmed with jargon and complexity.

Clients Include

Featured Case Study: CloudGenix


Few disciplines have undergone as much change in the last five years as marketing. Their world is shifting to become more data-driven and ROI-oriented, and the landscape of marketing products has exploded. Marketers must constantly adjust, pivot, and master new technologies just to keep up.

DesignMap has been there from the beginning. We’ve worked alongside pioneers of marketing technologies to develop in-depth knowledge of marketer’s needs and struggles, designing industry-leading products that help marketers accomplish their goals efficiently.

Clients include

Featured Case Study: Salesforce


Financial technology is directly reshaping or disrupting many economic sectors including retail, ride-sharing, and travel, and has an increasing influence on banking services, consumer finance, and economic policy.

We have years of experience working at the leading edge of financial technologies, and know that a successful design means more than an interface. It requires an understanding the regulatory and security needs of the product, as well as where the product sits within the overall economic ecosystem.

Clients include

Featured Case Study: Bankrate


Healthcare is an intricate and complex ecosystem that includes government agencies, insurance providers, healthcare networks, hospitals, offices, caregivers, vendors, technologies, and patients.

The system is so extensive that it can seem overwhelming and abstract to the inexperienced. DesignMap understands that a real human being sits within every node of this ecosystem, and our collaborative research-oriented approach fosters empathy that guides our design.

Clients include

Featured Case Study: Healthagen

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