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CARFAX maintains the largest and most advanced database of information related to the service, legal, ownership, and accident history of a car. By providing this data to used car buyers, they build trust in used car sales.


CARFAX provides detailed data about used cars, which helps build trust between car buyers sellers. Over time, the data became too much of a good thing. Car buyers felt overwhelmed. They struggled to navigate a service that had become complex and overloaded with information, diminishing the value delivered by CARFAX to its customers.


DesignMap conducted extensive research into CARFAX user needs and behavior. We used insight from that research to re-design the CARFAX experience.


DesignMap collaborated with CARFAX field sales representatives to conduct user research. The research first explored different use cases and identified primary users; then it identified the users’ various goals and how they achieved those goals. The result was an understanding of user personas with distinct motivations and backgrounds. This insight helped guide a design that served a range of user needs.


Initial designs were tested and refined with real users, expanding the company’s understanding of user behavior. This insight guided the creation of a streamlined, modern experience. Through rapid design iteration, the team was able to quickly identify user pain points and refine designs to meet their needs.

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