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Networks are mind-numbingly complex systems made of thousands, or even hundreds of thousands, of interacting nodes. Each of these nodes is traditionally configured and maintained individually.

CloudGenix transforms this rigid, expensive, complex, and hardware-oriented domain into simple, flexible, cost-effective, software-defined services.


Cloudgenix could not realize their mission to transform how networks are managed without a UX that simultaneously delivered usability with full administrative functionality. They engaged DesignMap to tackle this seeming catch-22 because of our deep experience working with technical complexity.


CloudGenix has fundamentally changed the way teams configure and monitor wide area networks. It enables the enterprise to build more robust networks with improved efficiency and security while reducing the risks typically associated with more complex network architectures.


The value of Cloudgenix technologies does not become real without considering how network administrators and business stakeholders communicate. DesignMap translated that interaction into a product design by working closely with the actual users and understanding their workflow.


DesignMap designers and developers worked side by side with Cloudgenix to integrate business and technical contexts within a clear system architecture and powerful visual interfaces. The result is a front-end that network managers find instantly intuitive and pleasing to use.

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