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Docker started as an open source project that provided an ecosystem around an existing technology (Linux containers) that redefined how applications are built, shipped, and run. After commercializing their offering, Docker has been wildly successful, valued at $1 billion last year.

DesignMap first engaged with Docker when they were such an early startup that the office had more decorative plants than employees! Our collaboration tackled the challenges of a hyper-growth tech startup -- rationalizing the many fragmented product designs that reflected the kind of fast-and-dirty work that’s necessary when you’re a rocketship startup.

Over the course of our partnership, we’ve collaborated on an array of engagements, including the first version of DockerHub, supporting their internal design team, discovering how design could be most effective in their organization, and many other projects including Docker Store.


Docker took the technology world by storm, proving itself to be a disruptive force. Developers around the world were using Docker technology to build and manage their containers. Docker was looking for ways to better serve these developers and engage them more deeply.


DesignMap recommended and designed a collaboration platform. Today, Docker Hub is today the world’s largest public repository of container images with an array of content sources including container community developers, open source projects and independent software vendors (ISV) building and distributing their code in containers.

Thanks to DesignMap's efforts in researching our user base to help create a rich developer experience, our initial launch of DockerHub was incredibly successful, well-received, and understood by the audience and the press. And in the first day account registrations jumped literally 5000%.
Scott Johnston COO Docker, Inc.


To lay the groundwork, we mapped the Docker service to better understand where gaps and opportunities existed to build something great. We researched Docker users and found that they wanted more than container management. They also wanted to participate in a community so they could easily share, distribute and collaborate on their Dockerized applications.


A cloud based service that provides a centralized resource for container image discovery, distribution, change management, user and team collaboration, and workflow automation. Docker Hub features a rich collection of image management and collaboration tools and is now the world’s largest collection of images.

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