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Docker is an open-source containerization platform that helps developers quickly move code through the process of testing, staging, and into production, as well as find containers developed by others who share their work with the Docker community.

DesignMap first engaged with Docker when they were such an early startup that house plants outnumbered employees in their office (in fairness, they had a lot of plants!). Our early collaboration tackled the challenges of a hyper-growth tech startup -- taking a soup of product experiences that reflected the kind of fast-and-dirty work that’s necessary when you’re at a rocketship startup and rationalizing them so they made sense together.

Over the course of our partnership, we’ve collaborated on an array of engagements, including the first version of DockerHub, supporting their internal design team, discovering how design could be most effective in their organization, and many other projects including Docker Store.

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Docker took the technology world by storm, proving itself to be a disruptive force. Their next move was to create a marketplace for trusted and validated Docker-ized software -- Docker Store. Docker’s plan to announce Docker Store at DockerCon 2016 introduced a strict timeline, so agility between discovery and delivery teams was crucial from concept to launch.


DesignMap met the deadline and Docker enjoyed a successful public beta resulting in more than 3,800 Beta signups, more than 125 products, 200 publishers, and 282 users.

We are fortunate to continue working with Docker today. None of what they accomplished would have been possible without the vision of Docker’s leadership team and their belief in user experience as a differentiator.

Thanks to DesignMap's efforts in researching our user base to help create a rich developer experience, our initial launch of DockerHub was incredibly successful, well-received, and understood by the audience and the press. And in the first day account registrations jumped literally 5000%.

Scott Johnston COO Docker, Inc.


To lay the groundwork, we mapped the Docker service to better understand where gaps and opportunities existed to build something great. To keep within the strict timeline, we worked in a truly agile process with weekly kick-off meetings to whiteboard what feature to build next. Discovery and development teams split into simultaneous interactive sprints  representing true” dual-track Agile (not “duel”-track, as Jeff Patton says). And they say you can’t do that with external vendors!

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By deeply understanding users and the context of their daily tasks, and by building on the skills and processes that were already successful at Docker, the Docker and DesignMap collaboration produced a product worthy of the excitement of the keynote generated by its release!

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