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Electrify America

DesignMap is helping Electrify America in their mission to introduce, to date, the world's largest DC fast-charging network to a rapidly growing population of new electric vehicle (EV) drivers. With an investment of $2 billion across a 10-year period, Electrify America will help millions of Americans discover the benefits of electric driving and will support the adoption nationwide as they extend their charging infrastructure to workplaces, highways, and other convenient locations.


Designing an intuitive user experience in an emerging sector of the automotive industry can quickly become complex, especially when users have a variety of technical skills, devices, and subscription types. These variables presented design challenges for how users would locate chargers, set up accounts, and pay for their first charge through a card reader or mobile RFID. Addressing these onboarding challenges were important to ensure users could experience the value of charging with Electrify America.


DesignMap successfully created a cohesive user experience and onboarding process across Electrify America's interface and mobile app in a way that made it easy for first-time customers to plug in, download the app, and charge their vehicles. This required us to consider: 1. Variety of users and subscription types. 2. Utilization of mobile RFID for payment. 3. Multiple mobile device types and platforms. 4. Charge status monitoring capabilities.

“The whole team has been very accommodating and supportive. They really stepped up to help support Electrify America. We're really excited to launch our app soon and the feedback so far from our customers on the HMI has been extremely positive. “
- Rob Healey, Director of Customer Experience


Our overall approach to the design challenge was to remain flexible, manage ambiguity, and conduct user tests to influence product decisions. We also supported Electrify America by clearly communicating our evolving work with all stakeholders involved in developing Electrify America’s final products. Specifically for testing, we simulated the experience with users starting in their vehicles to observe how they would interact with the charging station as both subscribers and first-time users from the moment they drove up to when they had completed their charge. We continued these tests with a variety of users across multiple devices to ensure our initial designs would resonate with a majority of today’s EV drivers.


The results of our tests were insightful and drove a mutual decision to remove as many barriers as possible within the onboarding flow to guide users to experience what mattered most: efficiently charging their EV with Electrify America. As drivers begin to adopt more electric vehicles, we feel honored to have helped Electrify America fulfill its vision.

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