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Healthagen is an innovative healthcare startup shaping the future of population health management. They combine an integrated portfolio of healthcare management tools, technology, analytics, health care management and health plan services to help provide more effective and affordable care for patients.


Healthagen acquired an existing healthcare product, CareTeam. They engaged DesignMap to rethink the entire CareTeam application from the primary user perspective. CareTeam needed a platform for Case Managers, Population Health Specialists, Physicians and Chief Medical Officers (CMOs). Their goal was to create transparency, strategic analytics and individual interventions to improve patient care.


In 5 months DesignMap refined the UX strategy for CareTeam, designing personas, wireframes, visual design, a high-fidelity prototype and living style guide. We delivered a design concept based on hot spots, empowering Case Managers to focus on patients in real time and draw upon their experience and knowledge. We also delivered a CMO Dashboard highlighting measures out of compliance and showing specific measures’ performances over time in relation to their respective benchmarks.


To gain a full understanding of the product and healthcare space, DesignMap and Healthagen created models, mapped workflows, and sketched out scenarios. Through this process we uncovered that conversations with patients are nonlinear, and Case Managers need the system to facilitate their interactions while also addressing their challenging task of prioritizing the complicated medical needs of the large number of patients they manage.


DesignMap created a nonlinear workflow reducing the amount of time it takes Case Managers to perform assessments. We delivered a design concept based on hot spots to visually represent patients at high risk or in immediate need of attention. Hotspots are represented by “dog ears” and exist throughout page types.

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