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Inside Sales uses machine learning to intelligently prioritize leads for sales representatives, helping them connect more efficiently. They have received numerous accolades for their technology and were featured by as one of the country's fastest growing companies. Customers include Microsoft, T-Mobile, Century Link, ADP and Groupon. This design won a 2017 UX award for most engaging sales tool.


The existing product consisted of multiple integrations that were powerful but required reps to log into multiple tools. InsideSales wanted to consolidate these multiple integrations into a single product where each piece of functionality is thoughtfully woven into the salesperson’s user experience based on need and relevance.


DesignMap helped pair their state-of-the art technology with a user experience to match. The integrated product empowered reps to make meaningful connections with sales leads quickly and effectively. The design won "Best AI App" from AIconics, and increased their adoption with companies who want to drive business metrics and growth.


We met with dozens of users across multiple sales roles and company sizes to understand their goals, processes, and pain points. Sales reps make hundreds of calls a day, and we found they each had individualized processes to manage the volume. We also found that information needed during calls is often scattered in different locations and easy to lose track of.


Our designs had deliver the information they needed while allowing them to maintain autonomy over their process. The design supports the concept of flow in a sales rep’s workday. A sales person needs to contact many leads in the course of a day and cannot afford to have friction in the tools he is using. The content and layout of our designs for Insidesales work together in service of optimizing their work flow.

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