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Viakoo enables businesses to centrally administer IP based video surveillance systems. The software detects system failures, diagnoses problems, and maintains operations records.

The market for IP video surveillance networks is growing by almost 20 percent a year. Despite their wide use, these IP video networks have an inherent an Achilles heel that impacts their utility: network glitches, hardware failures, configuration mistakes and other technical issues can create gaps in video footage. According to Security Magazine, at any given time up to 30 percent of an IP network video network does not work properly.

Viakoo’s solution is designed to operate in this mixed data environment, pinpointing under-performing or failing system components quickly so that security managers can maintain video surveillance recording according to business requirements.


Customers thought Viakoo’s product was complex, hard to learn, and didn’t match how they thought about their day-to-day work. The power and value of the product were hidden by a poorly designed interface.


DesignMap worked to deeply understand Viakoo users and created a design that broadcasts quality and reliability. The new design helped existing customers, and Viakoo discovered it was also a powerful marketing tool. It demonstrated the product's ease of use and conveyed Viakoo's value quickly and clearly.


Users struggled with Viakoo because the information it provided was difficult to parse, leaving people uncertain about priorities and next actions. Network issues (“tickets”) were flagged with an abstract status of 0 – 5, colors were undifferentiated, the navigation structure was complex.


We redesigned the information architecture using the ticket as a central organizing concept. We implemented a more descriptive set of values such as “minor” and “critical” that better describe the severity of the problem. We used color to provide immediate visual cues for component status at a specific site.

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