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VisiBook is an appointment scheduling app for small businesses that sell time, such as physical fitness trainers, massage therapists, and psychotherapists. Visibook provides tools for setting up schedules, displaying availability and allowing clients to self-book, which enables the business to be more efficient and minimize downtime.


With scheduling applications, what looks like a simple user interaction is can be very complex. Visibook wanted to make its robust feature set available to users, but each new featured added complexity to the interface and impacted adoption.


DesignMap's work successfully integrated the full feature set within an elegant interface that resulted in increased user adoption as well as user engagement. Visibook offers powerful tools that help small business owners without overwhelming them.


Our research confirmed that VisiBook’s customers don’t have time or interest in learning a complex tool to run their business. If a new feature added complexity to the interface, adoption dropped even if the feature was in high demand.


Visibook features complex algorithms that support self-service booking and ensure that times aren’t double booked. We focused our work on making the experience of interacting with those algorithms obvious and easy for both the company’s service provider customers and their clients, who both have an expectation of simplicity.

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