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Wells Fargo

Wells Fargo, a financial services company with $1.9 trillion in assets, needed to develop a best-in-class online banking experience for their +10M customers across 38 different countries and territories.

Given this daunting challenge, Wells Fargo knew they needed to change how their internal, dispersed, and multi-disciplinary teams would work together. Our extensive experience with other major fintech providers, including Bankrate and Charles Schwab, gave Wells Fargo confidence that DesignMap could develop and drive a UX strategy that fit their unique needs.


Wells Fargo required a new UX design strategy and framework to enable their +260,000 employees to work better together. Without a new UX strategy and framework, the challenge of managing disparate teams and resources would have jeopardized the entire objective, or cause the online-banking initiative to be stressful and ineffective at best.


DesignMap implemented a new User-Centered Design (UCD) program that orchestrated diverse tools, methods, and points of input as a foundation for executing complex design objectives. With the foundation and framework in place, Wells Fargo was able to launch their new online banking program on time and within budget.


DesignMap approached the challenge by identifying all user-centered tools utilized by each business function, uncovering key integration points across teams, and creating an entirely new design process tailored to the unique environment of Wells Fargo’s entire online division.


DesignMap built a new foundation and framework for dispersed teams to work better together while focusing on the end user’s needs. By cataloging and assessing the different tools, teams, and points of customer input, DesignMap provided Wells Fargo with a new design strategy and process

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