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Zeal is an education start up that helps teachers tailor lessons for each student. It's an interactive tutor that automatically adapts to a student's skill level, identifying knowledge gaps and determining what they are ready to learn next. Students participate in a combination of adaptive practice and live tutoring, all while receiving personalized feedback.

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Zeal founder John Danner came to DesignMap with a clear vision for an Internet-based education tool but without features, design, a logo or even a name.


We worked with John on almost every aspect of his business, including research, workflow mapping, interaction design, logo design, and visual design for both desktop and mobile devices.

Our design ensured usability for even the very youngest students while maintaining value for teachers and older students.


Iterative design played an important role in creating design elements for Zeal’s student users. For much of the product, the primary design consideration was the non-adult user, a new challenge for us.

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We conceptualized and visualized interactions between teachers, parents and students, providing a design that is secure yet accessible and usable by even the youngest student. 

The design supports a real-time feedback loop between teachers and students, which can take days in the paper world. Teachers can even watch while students work on homework outside the classroom.

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