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Maximizing the Value of Design in Your Organization

Illustration of design and your organization

A two-day workshop

A successful product requires two equal and powerful forces to succeed: Good design itself, and the factors that help design happen. This 2-day workshop has been crafted to help designers and business leaders work together to be more innovative and effective together.

During DesignMap’s 11 years working with internal teams, and interviewing successful leaders in organizations, we’ve collected valuable lessons and best practices for maximizing the impact design can make to a business. We’ve distilled that experience into 5 key values: Trust, Creativity, Optimism, Awareness, and Transparency.

Over the course of our 2 day workshop, you will encounter surprising, new ideas about design in organizations and learn concrete strategies to translate values into action.

This workshop will provide:

  • Clarity around the definition and true value of “good design” and the role you need to play in its cultivation.
  • Powerful and unexpected ways to understand, articulate and show the value of design at all levels of fidelity.
  • Strategies and methods to raise the credibility and profile of designers and their contribution at your organization.

For Business Leaders

Who understand that design can and should have a tangible impact on their business but want to understand more about design itself. Who ask themselves things like: How does design make an impact on my organization? How do I know the design is good? What’s the best way for me to help my designers, and what can I expect from them? What’s my role in the design process? And how can I leverage design to realize my vision most effectively?

For Designers

Who know their skills are not being valued or utilized at the right level. Who aren’t invited to help make early product decisions and instead are asked to execute on requirements. Who find that their needs for resources and research are deprioritized time and time again. Who feel that their existence is to simply “check a box” for their organization’s perception as a design-conscious business. Who wonder: How can I elevate my profile within my organization?

Photo of a workshop at DesignMap

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